A people-friendly city


Fiuggi makes you feel good. Not only is Fiuggi an elegant town with miraculous water. It is also a destination for those who are interested in the wellness culture. Many famous and illustrious names started coming to Fiuggi in the 60s, and through time Fiuggi has always known how to stay in tune with its rhythms, its nature, and its culture, keeping the small town people-friendly. Famous for its green areas, thermal parks, and the fact that it feels like a vivacious living room, today Fiuggi is once again an innovative location for modern and sustainable holidays, able to combine cultural interests, sports, as well as time off to relax. Fiuggi Terme Resort organizes bike or horseback excursions, guided tours in fascinating medieval villages such as Anagni and Subiaco, with its ancient Monastery of San Benedetto, tastings along the Strada del Vino, and food and wine tours. The beautiful historic centre of Fiuggi, with its many typical shops and bars, is definitely worth a visit. The elegant streets of the thermal bath area, the tree-lined avenues, and the Art Nouveau buildings full of history are all a big part of the beauty of this city, and its welcoming charm will surprise you every time you return.


Thermal baths

Fiuggi has many green areas perfect for a leisurely walk amongst chestnut and oak trees. The Fonte Bonifacio VIII and the Fonte Anticolana are the two thermal parks where you can drink Acqua Fiuggi from its characteristic fountains. The Fonte Bonifacio VIII, renovated in the 60s, is a large area where you’ll find fitness trails, exhibition areas, cafés and beautiful boulevards. It is home to the Urinary Calculi Research Centre. La Fonte Anticolana, with its flower gardens, silver cedars, evergreen sequoias and multicoloured flower beds is a true nature’s paradise. It is here, in summer, that you can play most any sport. There are facilities for tennis, mini golf, playgrounds for kids, hiking and Nordic walking trails. The typical colourful train is perfect for children. It is home to many conferences, events and shows. Ideally if you join the Fonte Anticolana with the Bonifacio, they are one of the largest natural parks in Europe.

Fiuggi Water

Acqua di Fiuggi is accredited by Italy’s National Health Service for treating renal calculosis and its recurrences. Acqua Fiuggi is known all over the world for its therapeutic qualities as it is quite unique: "It has diuretic effects, it stimulates kidney function and promotes detox; it facilitates elimination of uric acid, elimination of metabolic waste and a nitrogen exchange. It is recommended for low-sodium diets." The water of Fiuggi is used during preparation for operations for bladder stones and in post-op lithotomy treatments. The water is an effective remedy for urinary tract infections and, thanks to the the fact that it works on the metabolism of uric acid, it can promote treatment of gout and uratic arthropathies. The most effective way to get the health benefits of water is to drink it at the source. Fiuggi is the water that keeps you young, the water of wellness, the water that "breaks the stone", as Michelangelo wrote in 1549: "... for about two months in the evening and morning I drank water from a fountain that is forty miles from Rome, which broke my stone and made me urinate most of it. “ Whoever drinks Acqua Fiuggi, has a healthy diet, eats organic, is physically fit, avoids smoking and alcohol, and has a healthy lifestyle.


Golf Club Fiuggi 1928

Fiuggi Golf Club is one of the five oldest courses in Italy, and one of the most fascinating. It extends from the Fonte Bonifacio VIII to the Natural Reserve of Lago di Canterno for a total of 73 hectares. With 18 holes and a PAR of 70 it is a very popular golf course because it is technically difficult. The Fiuggi Golf Club 1928 is a completely organic natural park, in the sense that the use of chemical fertilizers is not allowed. The beautiful sports complex, in addition to a Pro shop, offers guests the possibility of doing a variety of sports, with its swimming pool, beach volleyball and volleyball areas. For those who would like to discover golf there is the driving range, in which beginners learn the sport from federal masters, individually or in small groups. Well-tended greens and fairways give the golfer the chance to play the sport with a breathtaking backdrop, fully relaxing in the midst of nature.

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